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OpenVSP Video Introduction

The video tutorials below introduce a new user to Vehicle Sketch Pad. The VSP video demo was created by Bill Fredericks and the VSP video tutorials were created by Ami Patel.


OpenVSP 3.2.0 Highlights

This video gives a quick overview of some of the new capabilities of OpenVSP 3.2.0.



VSPAERO Introduction and Demonstration

This video introduces VSPAERO, the new vortex lattice solver for OpenVSP. This doesn't get into the nitty-gritty of OpenVSP or VSPAERO, but gives a quick idea of how to get started using the OpenVSP GUI to set up, solve, and visualize a flow solution in VSPAERO.



VSP Demo

This video gives an overview of VSP and its features. It is a great place for a new user to start.



Tutorial #1: Maneuvering Models and View Adjustment

This beginning tutorial will introduce Vehicle Sketch Pad (VSP). This video shows the basics of maneuvering models in the main window and adjusting the view.



Tutorial #2: Adding and Modifying Parts

This tutorial will introduce the basics of adding parts to a model and modifying them in VSP. The video will describe the different pre-defined parts within VSP that can be modified to fit a user's needs.



Tutorial #3: Basic Model of an Airplane

This tutorial introduces the tabs used for modifying the fuselage and wing parts. Also, it will guide you through creation of your first basic airplane model.



Tutorial #4: Modeling a Cessna 210

This tutorial walks the user through modeling a Cessna 210 while using background pictures as a guide.



Tutorial #5: Mass Properties and Aero Reference

This tutorial starts introducing the many analysis tools available in VSP. The analysis tools shown in the video are the Mass Properties and Aero Reference tools.



Tutorial #6: Introduction to Vorview

This video introduces Vorview, a meta-geometry program to work with Vorlax. The tutorial walks a user through transforming their aircraft configuration for use in Vorlax.

Vorlax is not included with the OpenVSP distribution at this time.