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 [[Install|Installation Instructions]] [[Install|Installation Instructions]]
-[[Devel|Developer Instructions]] 
-[[APIUseCase|API Use Cases]] 
 [[Representations|Information VSP can input and output]] [[Representations|Information VSP can input and output]]
Line 27: Line 23:
 [[VSPAeroTutorial|VSPAERO Tutorial]] [[VSPAeroTutorial|VSPAERO Tutorial]]
 +[[VSPAeroCommonProblems| VSPAERO Common Problems]]
 [[XFOILTutorial|XFOIL Tutorial]] [[XFOILTutorial|XFOIL Tutorial]]
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 [[dragverification|Drag Verification Builds]] [[dragverification|Drag Verification Builds]]
-[[Roadmap|Development Roadmap]] 
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 [[Workshop2015|2015 OpenVSP Workshop Presentations]] [[Workshop2015|2015 OpenVSP Workshop Presentations]]
-[[Workshop2016|2016 OpenVSP Workshop Information]]+[[Workshop2016|2016 ​OpenVSP Workshop Presentations]] 
 +[[Workshop2017|2017 ​OpenVSP Workshop Information]]
 [[Programs|Programs that compliment VSP]] [[Programs|Programs that compliment VSP]]
-[[STEP|STEP AP203 Test Files]] 
 [[API|API and Scripting]] [[API|API and Scripting]]
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