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OpenVSP 3.9.0, VSPAERO 3.0, and the OpenVSP Workshop

OpenVSP Version 3.9.0 with VSPAERO Version 3.0

The OpenVSP Workshop is this week. If you can’t be there, you can still stream the presentations online. Details at the workshop website.

Just in time for the Workshop, this release has something for everyone. VSPAERO, Hinges, Group Transform, AutoCAD Export, and bug fixes.

VSPAERO v3.0 is the most significant update to the VSPAERO solver to date. It includes a thick-surface panel method, control surfaces in VLM mode, built-in batch runs, improved speed, and more.

The VSPAERO integration into OpenVSP has been updated to support the new version of VSPAERO. API support also updated.

A one-axis kinematic joint has been added. This is like a blank component, but that can translate or rotate. Its children are forced … Read more

OpenVSP 3.8.1 Released

Propellers for all!

This release adds a new propeller component and fixes a pair of unrelated bugs. Though it may seem like a small change, the propeller component constructs its surface differently from other components. It represents a surprisingly large amount of work.

Instead of defining the blade shape (chord, twist) at specified stations, these are instead specified as continuious curves.

The propeller component comes with a bunch of related accessories — the blade activity factor is calculated on-the-fly, there is a one-click option to switch to a counter-rotating prop, propeller folding is built-in — with a user-defined fold axis, there is a blade element export/import capability, and the BEM data is available through the API.

Features:… Read more

OpenVSP 3.8.0 Released

Don’t forget to register for the OpenVSP Workshop (Aug 23-25)!

This version is more focused than many of our releases. It is really all about upgrading the VSPAERO integration (and one bugfix).

The VSPAERO GUI has been comprehensively updated. You can now run alpha/beta/Mach sweeps from the GUI. Results are automatically parsed and are ready for review from the GUI. VSPAERO is now available through the Analysis Manager in the API. The results are parsed and are available through the Results Manager in the API.

In addition, a bug fix for files saved since version 3.7 that use super ellipse cross sections.


  • Overhaul of VSPAERO integration
  • VSPAERO alpha/beta/Mach sweeps from GUI
  • Visualize VSPAERO results in GUI
  • VSPAERO available through API
  • Changed d
  • Read more

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