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OpenVSP 3.11.0 Released

This release is one of the most feature-packed updates yet. It includes two long-requested features that will transform how OpenVSP is used. There are another half dozen smaller updates that would justify the version number bump on their own. There is something here for everyone — you are going to want to update.

Blended wings are finally here. OpenVSP v2 had a BWB component that I was never happy with for many reasons. It is one of the things that didn’t make the cut for v3 because I didn’t want to support an ugly hack forever. There have been two significant attempts at blended wings in the v3 era. The first was based on early skinning and was a total disaster. The second brought us slew control in skinning; while improved, it mostly proved that a skinning… Read more

OpenVSP 3.10.0 Released

OpenVSP Version 3.10.0

Just in time for SciTech, this release has been a long time coming. A few things had to be dropped at the last minute and there are a bunch more features pending in the wings… So expect more exciting releases in the near future.

There are no huge features this time, but enough significant changes to warrant the bump to .10. The FLTK graphics library has been updated to 1.3.4-1, the first stable FLTK release in years. The Angelscript scripting language has also been updated to the lastest version.

The clustering function for wings and propellers (LE/TE and root/tip) has been changed to one used widely by structured meshers. It gives more gradual point spacing growth resulting in much higher quality surface meshes.

The minimum clustering para… Read more

OpenVSP 3.9.1 and VSPAERO 3.1 Released

This release is all bug fixes. Some of the bugs are longstanding, but most relate to the big VSPAERO and integration update in 3.9.0. Everyone should update.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix bugs with unenforced limits of propeller curves
  • Fix feather/collective angle for reversed propeller
  • Fix false camber for blunt TE/LE airfoils in VLM VSPAERO analysis
  • Fix problem where custom materials got re-written to file on insert
  • Fix error writing supersonic VSPAERO results to file
  • Fix various errors with VSPAERO integration
  • Read more

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